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About Metro City Tees

Based in New York, New York  -  Metro City Tees  is an online Designer T-Shirt Store. It was inspired by the lack of physical stores to shop at during the pandemic as everything was being bought online.  We get high quality T-shirts Designs that can't be found in large department stores which continues to inspire me to pick the designs that we have in our store.  Our T-shirt designs will consist of trendy designs and topics currently happening in the world today.  Everyday we look for designs that Speak, Shock, Inspire, Motivate, or are just plain different.   

Please enjoy what Metro City Tees has to offer.... Hope You Enjoy!

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Our Mission

Forget High Priced T-shirts in the stores!

  Our Mission is to give you the highest quality T-shirts and designs that you will enjoy at a reasonable price. 

Our T-Shirts are Unisex and high quality pre-shrunk cotton blend. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is To have the widest selection of t-shirts at most competitive prices Delivered Right to Your Door. 

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